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A Bit About Me

Origins in Music

Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event, or any event involving music, you can count on me to guarantee it will be one that your guests won’t soon forget. I started out in a band and theater production and ended up becoming fascinated with mixing tracks in my free time, soon this love of music turned into a full time business as a professional Weddings & Events DJ. I’m happy to say that since my first performance as a DJ, I have had the opportunity to work with many amazing clients and gain invaluable experience. Feel free to contact me regarding my rates and available dates. I can assure that you won’t regret working with me.


A Bit About The Company

Origins in Music

With having a large family and 10 kids, we have been through a wedding or 2... we saw the struggles of finding vendors and having several cancel right before an event. When we started this company, we had that in mind. We Only book 1 event a day to ensure that the client who booked us gets 110% of our attention. We pride ourselves on focusing on the little details that most overlook. The biggest of those details are pictures. For most, you only get married once and all of your vendors only have one shot at getting things perfect. When we started to get out lighting, we had photographers. We do not use lighting that makes dots during your main picture events like first dances. In fact, we set all of out lights to actual white and the packages with moving heads get spotlights during first dances. We have had a lot of compliments from photographers and videographers because of this choice. it makes your photos and videos easier for them and better for you.  

When we come, we bring a dj booth. Our booth has the option to be lit during your event. we have 4 different scrims for the booth to choose from for your event. Most weddings we use our Mr & Mrs. scrim. 

Our Lighting is ever growing but has one thing in common, Wire management!! we have seen so many pictures of wedding where wires are laying everywhere. To us, this is just not acceptable. Most of our lighting is battery powered! The lighting that is not gets it's wires secured and hidden the best we can. To reduce the amount of wires, we use wireless DMX to control our lights. This means that the only thing or lights will need is power.

Our controller is our pride and joy. We currently utilize a Denon Prime 4 with integrated light controller. Yes you read that right, our controller controls our lights!! When we say our lights are computer controlled we mean it! They go to the beat of the music right out of the controller. We don't use sound activated like most dj's. We also have full control of our lights during your event as well through the use of a secondary controller hooked to our mixer. The program we use is called Soundswitch. 

Our Speakers are currently Mackie Thump 15bst and Mackie Thump18s subwoofers  for our reception/party rig and a LD Systems Maui 5 go for our ceremony rig. 

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